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Ohana Nights Custom Preorder 2021 - Laura Graziano

Ohana Nights Custom Preorder 2021 - Laura Graziano



Custom Order for Lauren Graziano

 1)SBC High-Lo Tunic


size 6/7


2)Peekaboo Shorts

size 6/7 



Sbc high low panel lined tunic (not sure if you have a panel) if no panel then all over main print except for middle part(red print) and straps (red print)
Size 6/7
And sbc peekaboo shorts in red print
Size 6 waist/7 length please

 Only customers given this link in the listing may purchase their claimed item(s). 

Any other orders will be canceled.

Please see the attached size charts in the photo section of each product before purchasing. Once an item is made in the size you selected, it can not be altered, returned or refunded due to size selection error. 

Shipping information is listed in the original Facebook sale